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Interview with "Come From Away's" Nick Duckart!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Interviewer: Anna Miller, @bwaydrawings

Interviewing: Nick Duckart

AM: What is your name and preferred pronouns?

ND: Nick Duckart- he/him/his

AM: What show are you currently in, and what shows have you been in in the past? (broadway, tour, regional, etc.)

ND: Currently in the North American Tour of Come From Away. Favorite Credits: In The Heights, Evita, Carmen, Next to Normal, Man of la Mancha, and others.

AM: What is your favorite show that you have ever done? why?

ND: Definitely Come From Away. The show's kindness and humanity resonates with everyone who watches the show, and we (the cast) fully understand how special this opportunity is.

AM: When did you start doing and what got you into theatre?

ND: I started doing theatre in high school. I fell in love with storytelling and the relationship with an audience.

AM: Did you always want to be an actor? If not, what did you want to be and what changed your mind?

ND: I did not! I wanted to be a news anchor. Haha. But once I took drama in high school, I was bit by the acting bug.

AM: What is your go-to audition song?

ND: "Anthem" from Chess

AM: What is your dream role? Why?

ND: "Don Quixote" in Man of La Mancha. He sings some of the most beautiful songs ever written for musical theatre, and his characters journey is stunning.

AM: How do you deal with not receiving a role? What do you do in order to ground yourself?

ND: I try to remind myself that not getting a job has zero reflection on myself as a human. I have more to offer this world than a single performance. And I have so much love in my life. That keeps me grounded.

AM: What's your advice for kids and teenagers who may want to go into theatre?

ND: Embrace your individuality. You are unique. You are special. Find performers you admire. Learn from them and how they approach their work, but do not try to imitate them. Be who you are, show the world how special you are, and be kind to yourself :-)

AM: What do you do in order to stay mentally and physically healthy?

ND: I really need to stay disciplined when going to the gym. I feel better about myself when I force myself to get out of bed and exercise. I try to go to the gym 5 days a week. And also getting out of bed and exploring my surroundings. That keeps my mind fresh and alert.

AM: What is the hardest part of this career?

ND: The hardest part, without a doubt,, is the travel aspect and all that comes with it. Especially for an actor on tour. Being away from our families, missing important life events, the numerous flights and bus rides; all these things can be tough to handle.

AM: If you could explain your job in one word, what would it be?

ND: Rewarding :-)

AM: What is your favorite song from the show you are currently in? Why? (it doesn't have to be one that you sing)

ND: "Prayer". It's, in my opinion, the most moving part of our show. In a climate where acceptance and religious freedom is constantly under debate, or is a source of contention, it is incredibly important to see a stage full of different religions praying for the same thing. Peace.

Thank you so much to Nick Duckart for letting me interview him and I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to pursue a theatre career! Check him out in the Come From Away tour!

insta: @nickduckart

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