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Interview with "Dear Evan Hansen's" Ciara Alyse Harris!

Ciara Alyse Harris is in the First National Tour of Dear Evan Hansen that will continue to travel the country once it is safe to do so. I thought that this broadway hiatus would be a perfect time to reach out for some interviews, and Ciara was kind enough to respond and answer my questions! Hope you enjoy!


Interviewer: Anna Miller, @bwaydrawings

Interviewing: Ciara Alyse Harris

AM: What is your name and preferred pronouns?

CH: Ciara Alyse Harris (She/Her)

AM: What show are you currently in and who do you play in that show?

CH: Dear Evan Hansen, Alana (Understudy Zoe)

AM: What shows have you been in in the past? (broadway, tour, regional, etc.) what has been your favorite show you’ve ever done? Why?

CH: I did All Shook Up at the Muny where I played Lorraine and it's how I got my Equity Card! My Favorite show I've ever done is play Eve in Children of Eden because I had the most incredible creative team and I got to be in a show with religious values and that was very therapeutic for me.

AM: What is your favorite song in the show you are in?

CH: Only Us because it is so simple and heartwarming. I always get a bit emotional when singing it.

AM: What made you go into musical theatre?

CH: I love community. My favorite thing about the theatre is getting together with a group of people that strongly believe in the same thing and making something beautiful.

AM: Do you like being on tour? What are the best and hardest parts about it?

CH: I love being on tour, it is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. But the challenge is sacrificing a lot of normalcy like having a consistent place to live and a consistent grocery store. If I think about it too long I realize my life is pretty wacko.

AM: What's it like doing Dear Evan Hansen 8 times a week? Is it mentally challenging?

CH: Fortunately for me my character is a bit of the comedic relief. So the only time I really have to unlock my feelings is toward the end of the show, unlike a lot of the other characters who have to sit in it the whole time. But when I do, it feels really good and at times, therapeutic. But sometimes it can feel like I dropped my guts on the floor and I desperately want to collect them.

AM: What do you do in order to stay mentally and physically healthy?

CH: I try to read very often. When I read a good book I get to leave reality for a bit and always leaves me feeling lighter. And of course I love to work out. Starting my day with a workout gives me some control over my crazy life.

AM: What is your go-to audition song?

CH: I haven't auditioned in a while but it's probably "Spark of Creation" from Children of Eden

AM: What is your favorite city you’ve gone to on tour?

CH: Sacramento! take me to the beach and I'll be happy.

AM: What is your dream role? Why?

CH: I used to say Sarah from Ragtime (which is still true) but now I think I would really just like to be Anna from Frozen so that I can join the line up of black women playing Disney Princesses.

AM: Is there a role in dear Evan Hansen other than Alana that you would want to play?

CH: Jared. Always Jared.

AM: Do you like going to the stage door?

CH: I love it! It always puts things into check for me. How important this show is and how lucky I am to be doing it.

Ciara and I at the Dear Evan Hansen stagedoor :)

AM: Are you more of an Alana or a Zoe in real life?

CH: I am probably a Zoe with Alana qualities if that makes sense? I think I'm outgoing like Alana but I think I hide my feelings and deal with things like Zoe.

Ciara as Zoe and Alana

AM: When you aren’t working, what do you like to do in your free time?

CH: When I'm not working I love going out for a drink with my friends. I know it's cheesy but it really takes the edge off.

AM: Any favorite show mishaps or memories?

CH: Alessandro and I are a recipe for disaster. One time during You Will Be Found he stepped on my shoe, it fell off and ROLLED away and I had to bend down and get it and we couldn't sing for the rest of the song. Other times we will be talking about something right before the Disappear scene and he will make me laugh and then I have to spend that very long segment trying not to look at him. It's gotten to that point where just looking at him sends me off. But honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I am so happy and so grateful that I was able to interview Ciara during the broadway hiatus. Go follow Ciara on Instagram because first of all, her Instagram is very aesthetically pleasing, but all of her posts are about body positivity, self-love, and overall beautiful. I look forward to her Instagram posts every day and I am very happy I had the honor of meeting her and getting to chat with her. Check her out in the Dear Evan Hansen National Tour, one of the most beautiful shows and one of my absolute favorites. I hope you enjoyed this interview! See you soon!

Signing off,

Anna Miller, bwaydrawings


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