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Interview with Miss Saigon's J. Daughtry!

Interviewer: Anna Miller, @bwaydrawings

Interviewing: J. Daughtry

AM: What is your name and preferred pronouns?

JD: J. Daughtry- he/him/his

AM: What show are you currently in, and what shows have you been in in the past? (broadway, tour, regional, etc.)

JD: Currently in the National Tour of Miss Saigon playing John. Seen in Broadway shows like “Beautiful the Musical, Motown the Musical and the Tony award winning revival of “The Color Purple”.

AM: What is your favorite show that you have ever done? Why?

JD: My favorite show so far has been “The Color Purple” ...the message of that show was so powerful and you could literally see audience’s lives change right there in their seats.

AM: When did you start doing and what got you into theatre?

JD: Started doing theater in 2008 when the banks crashed in the US. I was a banker and lost my job because of the crash and had to find something else to do.

AM: Did you always want to be an actor? If not, what did you want to be and what changed your mind?

JD: I have always been a singer acting came later when I began to book roles that required acting.

AM: What is your go-to audition song?

JD: "You are not alone" -Michael Jackson

AM: What is your dream role? Why?

JD: My dream role is a role that I help create. A role that has my essence and instinct deeply ingrained in it and that is telling a story that I can relate to.

AM: How do you deal with not receiving a role? What do you do in order to ground yourself?

JD: I try not to make anything personal and I choose to believe that what is for me will not, can not miss me. So if I don’t get a role that means it wasn’t for me. This ideology keeps me grounded.

AM: What's your advice for kids and teenagers who may want to go into theatre?

JD: I say do it and do it now. No better time than now.

AM: What do you do in order to stay mentally and physically healthy?

JD: I am a runner, in fact I am running the New York Marathon this year. Running is both physical and meditative for me.

AM: What is the hardest part of this career?

JD: For me it’s staying connected to reality. We are on stage every night sometimes two times a day being someone else. It’s can be easy to remain that person even off stage.

AM: If you could explain your job in one word, what would it be?

JD: Fun!

AM: What is your favorite song from the show you are currently in? Why? (it doesn't have to be one that you sing)

JD: My favorite song in my current show is a song I sing called “Bui Doi”’s so powerful and moving and is a call/plea to action. It remains relevant even today.

Thank you so much to J. Daughtry for letting me have the honor of interviewing him! Check him out as "John" in the Miss Saigon National Tour! He is amazing and you do NOT wanna miss his incredible performance!

insta: @j.daughtry

Miss Saigon upcoming tour dates:

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